Neues Freebie

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Ja, so ist das manchmal – das angefangene Herbstkit ist nichtmal ansatzweise fertig geworden. Für Weihnachten hätte ich auch Ideen gehabt – aber ist es nicht immer so? Manchmal überlege ich wieviele von all den tausenden Einfällen tatsächlich umgesetzt werden. Wenn man das auf die Menschheit umsetzt, dann könnten wir bestimmt schon längst zu den Sternen fliegen, hätten wir uns nur durchgerungen auch nur die Hälfte aller kreativen Ideen in Taten umzusetzen…

Nun ja. Immerhin – ich habe es geschafft – hier ist zumindest mal wieder ein kleines Minikit – eine bescheidene Auswahl anlässlich der Jahreslosung, die dieses Jahr dem Lukasevangelium entstammt und zwar Kapitel 12, Vers 27:

Was bei den Menschen unmöglich ist, das ist bei Gott möglich.

Ein schöner Spruch, voller Hoffnung und Verheißung, wie ich finde.

Die Tonplakette und der Engel, die in diesem Kit enthalten sind, stammen von Bethel, einem hier ansässigen diakonischen Werk.

Ich hoffe, ihr könnt was mit dem Kit anfangen.



Die älteren Links sind auch erneuert. 🙂

Viel Spaß damit!


Good News

•August 25, 2008 • 6 Kommentare

Well even if I’m not in the very best of moods at the time, I thought that it was time to find back to some creativty. AND I got an award!!! I’m really thrilled. It was Tinka who passed it on to me. You find her blog HERE. She creates really cute cards and stuff. You need to see the „Schultüte“ (dict: large cornet of cardboard filled with sweets and little presents given to children in Germany on their first day at school) she created for her little son. The theme is our local soccer-team. I’m really excited and I bet he was, too!!

Thank you so much! And I pass it on to Gerti and to Barbara. Gerti runs my favorite Scrap-Forum AND shares my addiction for cats. Take a look at her blog HERE
And Barbara is as much into stamping as into digiscrapping and the outcome is awesome. And what’s more – she is the most talented designer and has some hot freebies! *yeah* Have a look HERE

If you’re interested in some of the former freebies – *tadaa* – I reestabished ALL the links at 4-shared, so that you may get all the freebies.

I still love to design from time to time. Even if especially TIME is something very rare, these days…

This is the LO I did with the newest Mini-kit. The sparkling litte alpha is from Gina Maria.

Luna, by the way, is one out of seven guniea-pigs, who all moved in during summer. At the moment she is pregnant (don’t worry – the future Daddy won’t be able to produce any more babies 😉 …) and I’m full of excitement. The tiny little fur-balls will look marvellous, as the Daddy looks even sweeter than little Luna does…

Well – enough of the guinea-pigs… Here’s the Freebie 🙂


I hope you’ll find it usefull and – as you can guess – would be thrilled to find one comment or another… 🙂



Ein kleines Freebie zu Nikolaus!

•Dezember 5, 2007 • 5 Kommentare

Naaaa, haben schon alle ihre Stiefel aufgestellt?

Ich habe hier ein kleines Nikolaus-Freebie für euch.

Ich grüble hier gerade nach, ob wir an Heilig Abend auf das Christkind oder den Weihnachtsmann warten wollen. Mein Mann ist für Weihnachtsmann, bei uns kam immer das Christkind. Ich finde das ja eigentlich auch passender. Denn Nikolaus – also Kerl mit rotem Mantel und Kapuze – der kommt doch HEUTE. Nicht an Heilig Abend… Andererseits ist der Weihnachtsmann allenthalben schon so etabliert… auch in den Medien und überall… Naja. Ich grüble noch… Wir leben in der Zeit des Traditionsalats, fürchte ich…

For my English-speaking guests:

Tonight it’s the night before the Nikolaus day. It is tradition in Germany that the children put one shoe on the doorstep. And the other morning Saint Nikolaus will have left some sweet surprises and perhaps a small gift (like pencils, a small car, a little dress for the favorite doll… something small but well-loved).
So that is why here in Germany many families don’t await the Santa Claus on christmas Eve but the „Christkind“ – Baby Jesus imagined as some sort of little Angel. Nowadays there is a lot of confusion among the kids. Some still keep the habit of the „Christkind“, but many families have adapted to the SantaClaus-tradition. So for the kids it is hard to tell… – who is SantaClaus and why does he come two times and why doesn’t he come to ALL families, but needs some baby angel to help him out? Difficult questions…

But apart from all that I thought I might at least hold high the habit of Nikolaus. So – here is your little Nikolaus-gift.

Here is the Preview:



I hope you all like it. And remember that anyone loves comments – even a lil „TFS“ is appreciated… ;o)

Ich hoffe sehr, dass es euch gefällt. Über einen klitzekleinen Kommentar würde ich mich freuen – über größere auch *g* – aber es reicht schon, zu sehen, dass es honoriert wird… ;o)


Some layouts and again a few papers for you

•Dezember 3, 2007 • 1 Kommentar

So, now. I am really happy that so many of you liked the kit and the background papers!

At the moment I am so busy with the christmas preparations that I hardly find any time for scrapping, not to think of designing… And apart from all this I decided to do some sporting and made a to-do-list of all the things I want to get done before the end of the year.

For all these reasons I decided to put up some pretty old suff. Indeed these are my very first handmade backgrounds…
But first you’ll have to take a look at what I did with them… 🙂

Here are they:


Credits: Background: my own, Bow and cord: Gerti, Frame: Heather (scrappy pony)

Text (translation): Earth – warm, soft, fertile, alive, dark


Credits: Background: my own, Butterflies: a-gus, Leaves: Sennah, Bow: Gerti, Frame: designing on the edge

Text (translation): Air – tender, whispering, stormy, strong, windy


Credits: Background: my own, Doodles: Susan designs, Frame: designing on the edge

Text (translation): Fire – warm, bright, consuming, expurgatorial, alive


Credits: Background: my own, Brad: Saxon Holt, Fishes: abc-Delf, Bow: Gerti, Frame: designing on the edge

Text (translation): Water – deep, rushing, cold, blue, infinite

And here is my little freebie:



I hope you like it!



Welcome to my blog!

•November 26, 2007 • 5 Kommentare

I’m happy to welcome you on my blog!

The main reason for this blog was to upload not only my layouts, but also my freebies.
As I am a kind of freebie-junkie I feel the desire to repay and to contribute my share.

Most of my posts will be in German, further on. But the terms „Layout“, „Credits“ and „Freebie“ are kind of universal, so I think you might like to stop by, once in a while…

So now – the part you all waited for… the freebie… ;o)
It is a kit I created for Thanksgiving. Here in Germany it is much earlier than in the US or in Canada. We celebrate Thanksgiving in September. And it is not much of a family event, but is mainly celebrated in Church.
I am aware of the fact, that it is quite late for a thanksgiving kit, with only four weeks left until Christmas. But then – you can’t scrap all pics at once and I haven’t heard of kits getting bad by the time…

And for those, who already collected TONS of fall and thanksgiving kits (just as I have…), I give an extra little paperpack. As this is my very first opening and welcoming post here, I guess a little generosity minght be in order… ;o)

So these are the previews:


Download 1

Download 2

(devided into two parts)    (in zwei Teilen)



I hope you like them. And to be sure – a few kind words would be an enormous encouragement to my creativity 😀